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Masala Chai/Tea namaste

Masala Chai/Tea

Yeah, S*****cks is cool, but have you had the Desi Masala Chai? 
Photo credits: Dinali, Pinterest.
There may be an undeniable sense of comfort, when you roll out of bed, rush out the door, wait at your favourite cafe for that drink that makes you 20 minutes late to your morning meeting, but you’re fine because you have your caffeine fix, and I have been there, waiting for my Chai Tea Latte to swoop in and save the day. But, my dearest Damsels, there is nothing in the world like a fresh, steamy and creamy cup of Masala chai to veer you out of distress! 
Every nook and corner of India, from the homes to the little stalls at the end of the street to the railway vendors experience a high demand for Masala Chai. With Manila’s monsoon fast approaching, I can’t think of a better way to enjoy rainy evenings than with a cup of India’s best! This tea is a flavourful blend of herbs and spices added to a boiling black tea, that leaves the home swirling with its aroma. There are several variations to how this tea is brewed, but today I’m here to share with you the simplest possible recipe that can be recreated at your own home and enjoyed by you and your loved ones. 
Start off like you would any tea, by boiling the black tea leaves in water. The tea leaves I would recommend  for this recipe are: Tata Tea Gold, Red Label, Taj Mahal tea, Society standard tea or Wagh Bakri.  Then you are to crush your whole spices which would be cinnamon, cardamom and cloves to add to the tea. These whole spices are what build up the black tea and let the rich flavours seep into the tea. Follow that up with grated ginger, mint leaves and sugar and allow this concoction to boil and blend and absorb the rich flavors. Ginger and mint leaves play an essential role in making this tea, these ingredients add that refreshing touch that makes you go “Ah!” at the very first sip. Gently pour milk (as per your linking) into this and let that simmer while you stir the tea a few times. You may then strain this before it’s all set to serve. 
Photo credits: Arpita, Pinterest
The tea is best savoured with biscuits such as rusk, cookies of various kinds. You can read all about the different pairings in the “Chai Biscoot Chronicles. This simple recipe is bound to breathe you back to life on Friday evenings, chase away the Monday blues and accompany your rainy afternoons with the refreshing kick you so desperately seek. 

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