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Diwali in Manila namaste

Diwali in Manila


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While we eagerly wait for the triumph of cure over the widespread pandemic (essentially good over evil) we have found ourselves approaching the vibrant and hopeful Diwali season. Traditionally this calls for a week’s worth of cleaning, sprucing up, and prepping, followed by a mithai (sweets) and joy-packed Diwali celebration with family and friends. 
Now, we are certain you have been looking forward to Diwali just as much as we have. Under these dire circumstances, however, how do we keep the bright Diwali flames alive? 
We’ve got some ideas to help you recreate precious moments for a fun-filled and LIT Diwali this year with a quick and easy mithai  that will take you right back to the good old, Desi Diwali. 
Diwali is a festival that stimulates almost all of our senses, with its vibrant, bright lights, bursting crackers, myriad of tasty foods swirling around us, the aroma of ghee-soaked sweets, and warm hugs from loved ones. 
Food plays a very huge role in celebrations (of any kind). People bond over meals in so many different scenarios. Diwali is no exception to this. The festival in a lot of beliefs marks the return to Ayodhya of their King Ram after defeating the infamous King Ravana of Lanka in a seven-day battle. This was celebrated by the entire kingdom with lights, flowers, cheer, and lots, and lots of food! 
Traditionally, as a form of worship. Food is presented to Gods and Goddesses before consumption. During Diwali, all of the Mithai and other meals are said to be prepared for this worship, which is then served to the family and friends.  
Besan Ke Laddoo

We can’t speak for you, but just a whiff of Besan Ke Laddoo always takes us back to our favorite Diwali moments. This is why the most ideal dish to make this year’s Diwali Special is the ever so delightful Besan Ke Laddoo. Alright, maybe we are a bit biased, but that’s for you to decide after trying this simple and mouth watering dessert for yourself. 
For those who are reading this and thinking, "well, sign me up" - hold on to your hats, because you can now order home-made and made with so much love Besan ke Laddoos by Rani's Rasoi on our website! Bound to take you back to the most precious and joyful Diwali moments and also fill you up with the "maa ka khana" taste that we all crave constantly. 
The key ingredients that go into making this mithai as sumptuous as it is are - well obviously, Besan (Gram flour) which is rich in soluble fiber and also lowers diabetes! This is then roasted in ghee (clarified butter). Finally garnished with a choice of nuts and/or dry fruits leaving everyone, young or old to savour every bite and ask for more.
 Our hope is that you have a hopeful Diwali, even if you're away from home, we wish for you the same amount of warmth and love this festive season. Let the mithais fill your hearts with sweetness and bless your families with prosperity. Happy Diwali to one and all!

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