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Chai Biscuit Chronicles namaste

Chai Biscuit Chronicles

Photo taken from Pinterest- shot by Abbas Khan, Karachi
November Rains have something about them. The early sunsets and the cool breezy rains call for the best Desi Chai that we can dip biscoots in while taking in the beauty of rainy Novembers. 
Chai with biscuits is a longtime favorite in our Indian homes and no Starbucks can beat this experience. For as long as we can remember, actually for as long as our parents can remember this has been a popular choice for tea time talks or to kickstart a busy day. 
Are these November Rains setting this cravings in your heart too? Here's a list of the best biscuits to pair with your garam homemade chai: 
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  1. ParleG - to be honest, this is always a top pick. The sweet taste of this glucose biscuit dipped in hot tea is the perfect way to start off your morning with a sunshiny mood and a quick hit of nostalgia. ParleG is a go-to choice across the country, and there's really a good reason why! 
  1. Hide and seek - Hear me out here! The little bits of chocolate chips with tea might be an unorthodox choice for your Garma-Garam Desi chai, but once you try dunking this cookie in your tea, you might never go back. Almost feels like enjoying a nice little dessert. 
  1. Marie - Oh Maria! Oh Maria! Marie biscuits and I go way back. This has always been my grandmother's favorite choice and hence I'm going to call this the editor's pick of biscuits to dunk in your chai. Marie biscuits are generally a healthier option- well relatively healthy - and the classic taste is to die for. 
  1. Rusk - it's said that reaching a bliss point is a balancing act and I believe the rugged, rough rusk dunked into the warm, nurturing chai brings that balance, the yin-yang formula to liven up Chai-Time on rainy days. 
  1. Good day - I mean, it has it in its very name, you're bound to have a good day if you start it right by dipping this wonderfully made butter cookies into your cup of chai. The taste of butter seems to add an extra flavour to the tea and give you that extra boost of sweetness. 

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Now instead of your trip to the nearest Starbucks, hurry and get your hands on your top pick biscoot for your Garma-Garam homemade chai. And fill up your heart with content, nostalgia and Chai-Biscoot this rainy November.  

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